Every people in the world has a Facebook account. When we ask a group, "In this flock, how many are on Facebook?", then more than three third of the people will raise their hand. Facebook had become more popular to the world than any other social networking site. Though privacy options work good on Facebook, when people join Facebook, they forget about their privacy. Not all, but many try to target at having more friends. When your friend list gets flooded up with strangers, after some days, you may fed up with more number of notifications and news feeds.

Some people may come to a decision for deleting their unknown friends or sometimes they may go to delete all friends. If you want to delete only the specific friends, you may follow till the step 1 in this article and navigate here to follow the steps. If you want to delete friends in bulk or if you wan to delete all friends, you may depend on this article fully.

Google Chrome has tampered the feature of running scripts on the browser due to some security enforcement provided to the end users. However, we may use a Tampermonkey to run scripts. If you are a Firefox user, you may download Greasemonkey. Follow the below steps to learn how to bulk delete friends on Facebook in a single click.

Step 1: As you need to run some scripts, you may need to download Tampermonkey for Google Chrome and Greasmonkey for Mozilla Firefox.

Step 2: After installing, you may need to install this script on your browser. If a restart requires, you may restart your browser for better results. Install this script (Update: Link removed temporarily as the old link returned 404 error. Will be updated with an alternative link soon) to delete all friends.

Step 3: Now, navigate to the below  URL and see a new option on your timeline to delete all friends. http://www.facebook.com/me/friends

Step 4: Just scroll down to see all friends. After scrolling, just press Select All button which will be available at the top and hit Delete Selected Friends.

delete friends on facebook

Step 5: Deleting may take few minutes if you have more friends but it will be more faster than you do manually. This will unfriend all your friends but you can also select friends specifically from the checking the check box.

This script works perfectly on Timeline. A previous method posted by me works with a Facebook wall. SO, we need to convert our timeline to wall. But, this method can make your steps more simpler.

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