Google has removed the popular "View Image" button from Google Images search results. This is the most popular and familiar button on Google Image Search Results while doing our homework and assignments. We randomly do a Google Image Search about our topics and click on View Image to get the direct full resolution image so that we can directly copy paste to a word processor we are working on.  You can bring back View Image button on Google Images with browser extensions but let us also see what is the disadvantages and advantages of removing View Image button from Google Image search results page. Affected Normal End Users This move by Google has affected common users of Google Images. Who doesn't use Google Images? Everyone should be using it, right? But Google has made a "killer" move to remove View Image button. All netizens freaked out in social media for this move by Google. More money for bloggers Now users will see a button to visit the site where the image is located. Hence, webmasters and bloggers saw a drastic rise in traffic from Google Images after Google removed the View Image button. More traffic to websites, thereby more money. This move has given an advantage to bloggers. Still, you can save image without browser extension or hack Go to Google Images, search for an image, click on the image you like. Google Images will load the full image for you. Just right click and save the image. It will save the full resolution image for you. Google has understood that users no more need a button to save the image and all browsers have a feature to save an image that appears on a page by default. Anyways, you can use a browser extension to bring back View Image button on Google Images This browser extension enables you to bring back View Image button on Google Images so that you can click and it will take you to the direct image link. You can then save it to your computer. What is your thought on this move by Google? Share your views in the comments below.