It's been a long time since I posted on this blog. Today, I thought, it would be impressive if I rewind few stories about Microsoft which created a milestone in my life. First of all, the "computer" have brought a lot of happiness for the kids born in 90's. The first computer which I ever used is, my school computer that was running on Windows 98. My school taught me numbers, alphabets and the art of counting with a third-party application running on it. I remember, my friends were always shouting "Yai! Windows Ninety Eight" when the operating system started. I was around 4 or 5 years at that time. This was really a kick-start where I started loving computers the most.

Impact of Microsoft in My Life

"A computer in every home" - Bill Gates' dream came true after few years in certain developing countries like India. My parents bought me the first computer on January 13, 2005 (Yes, I remember the exact date till now) that was running on Windows XP Media Center Edition. From education to entertainment, Microsoft has provided several good cookies to enhance my life. The times when I used dial-up internet connection, Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia provided quick knowledge base and an interactive way of knowledge offline. Sadly, Microsoft has stopped the product.

Honestly, when I was not aware about most of the Microsoft products, I was actually using most of the applications that usually comes with Windows when installed. I played Pinball, Minesweeper and Solitaire when I got bored. Also, it was really a fun opening up friend's photos in Microsoft Paint and scribbling out with brushes on it to play with them. The Movie Maker has also did a wonderful job using which I was able to mix several videos, add effects that really resulted well than any other third-party software.

I would say that Windows was my companion in my life. Basically, I am a guy with less number of people surrounding me and thus, I got time exploring several stuffs about my own Windows PC. Later, I got to know several good-people online as well as offline. As a result of this, I created my first blog in the age of 15. I was very much inspired by Microsoft and its products which even made to modify the Microsoft's tag line "Your Potential. Our Passion" as "Your Encouragement. Our Hard Work" on my first created blog. Microsoft's homepage had this tag line on the homepage at top right corner at that time. I also started to read books about Bill Gates' autobiography and was in eager to know how he started the company, Microsoft. One thing to note in my first blog is my email!

As years passed, I started using several Microsoft products like Visual Studio, Office, Skype, Bing, OneDrive and more. Several Microsoft games like, Age of Empires, Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator, Midtown Madness and more.

I have also written several articles regarding Microsoft and their products. I would also like to add that I am a big fan of Windows Phone, thus you can see several articles defying other product by comparing them with Windows Phone. You can view them here.

After learning logic and tricks behind programming languages, I learnt C# and created a console application, "QuickMatch".

"QuickMatch is a multi-player game where the player should choose a card either from deck or from the opponent with a condition that one should not have more than 5 cards. A winner is the one who comprises of 5 cards with same suite."

Bring a Change with Microsoft - Quick match game

Quick Match Game Winner

With a lot of enthusiasm, I believe I could make others to get the benefits from Microsoft. If you are a college student, you too can apply for Microsoft Student Associates program right now using this link [Link removed as the registration time span is over]. No matter which stream of study you belong to. MSA program is for any student enthusiastic about Microsoft and likes to bring change in the community. Register and let us make most out of Microsoft and bring a change in our campus.

Profile picture for Microsoft Student Partner

How this change possible?

I strongly believe making fellow mates at college understand about the benefits from Microsoft and their products. By conducting seminars, workshops, and creative events would make other students to participate with enthusiasm and learn more about Microsoft.

I also believe in "learning through experience" than a theoretical knowledge from books. It would be more impressive to the students participating in an interactive and fun-filled events. As I belong to a computer stream, I have seen students interested in developing mobile applications and also a lot of people enthusiastic about "hacking".

Through app development event, I could make students to learn about various Microsoft tools available that makes mobile app development more simple and with precise codes. The hacking event could be through CTF that could make them learn about Microsoft Technologies as they pass each level of finding vulnerabilities on the site. In this way, they would get to know about both Microsoft and security issues that could be possibly found on a site.

There are still unexplored Microsoft products among students which could give them benefits all along their life and career. Such benefits could be clearly spread workshops and seminars. Also, I always wonder how does a product reach a lot people when one or a team starts a business. Most of such companies does marketing strategy though "Advertisements". Thus I believe catchy posters and sign boards in the campus would make a lot of students get to know about several stuffs about Microsoft and the events we conduct in the campus. This could drive a lot in bringing more students learning about the benefits from Microsoft.

I would like to hear your comments below.