We require books for entertainment, knowledge gaining and more. We mainly buy books to kill our boredom and also to gain knowledge at that time instead of wasting time by sitting simply somewhere. Reading book is a good practice as far my experience. Not only the knowledge you gain, you'll become expertise in vocabulary skills and the language you read. I always prefer an adventure based story while travelling some distant location. The different ways of imagination, is the creative knowledge you gain. You might have learnt this fact really. When any of your favorite or a book that you read is made into a movie by movie makes, you'll actually feel a different kind of imagination while watching the movie than you had while reading. That's the important thing where you are unique. May be, your imagination will be much better than the movie. Thus, some people buy books and become a devotee. I have some online stores for you to download free eBooks.

10 best online book stores to download free eBooks

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You love to buy books or get it for free? Some people would like to buy books than getting it for free because they can buy a great one. Not always, a premium eBook becomes much useful. Much cases, a premium eBook deserves. But also, never underestimate the free eBooks available online. They contain high quality eBooks too.

You may download these books and read it while travelling or when you get bored or anytime. Just a mobile or a tablet that can run a PDF file will be more portable to read. If you want comfort while reading, then you may just go for a Tablet or a Laptop. I really feel happy to see providers providing free and good eBooks. And, I would like to share with you. These providers also provide books for cost and not only they are meant to download free eBooks. I could see most of the eBooks providing in PDF format than in a plain text format.

#1 MybeBook

The site provides a feature to search for required free eBooks. You can search by language, keyword, author or the title of the book to download free eBooks. It also provides filtering by alphabets. Just choose the starting letter of the book title or author, write any keyword and click on search, it will display all the relevant books. The site contains more than 20,000 free eBooks for you to download. It will provide you the twon option to download. One, to download as a plain text format or PDF format.


#2 eBookMall

It provides more than 20,000 eBooks for free but most of the books are only for limited period. They might stop providing certain books for free after a certain period of time. this can also be a good way to do their business because, only if newly published books are enabled to download for free, it might reach more people and when people start to like the book, they might change to premium one. When you go to their site, the Free eBooks menu will get updated daily so that you can choose a free book daily and read it that day. It is really a good spot for gaining knowledge for free. I read a book selecting a random one, it was awesome. Really, I liked it.


#3 Free-eBooks

As the site named "Free eBooks", it not only contain eBooks for free but also, premium eBooks. You can buy Download free eBooks in more quantity or I have to say that it will have more number of free eBooks for you to download. The site is well categorized for free eBooks. They really give equal importance to free eBooks as they give for the premium one. It lists top 10 eBooks that are available on their site. This is based on likes and download counts. They provide free access to the library to the members of Free-eBooks. The registration is completely free. Monthly downloads are limited and if you wish to download unlimited free eBooks, you may upgrade your plan to a premium one.

Free eBooks

#4 FreeBookSpot

The site's user interface seems to be simple and easy. The awesome feature in the site is, you may upload your own eBook to FreeBookSpot. Registration is free and once you have registered, you can upload your own eBook. The eBooks found on the site are completely free. Categories like Control theory, Cooking, Computer Engineering, Hacking, Chemistry, sports and more.

Free Book Spot

#5 Gutenberg

Gutenberg is the famous eBook provider and has more than 40,000 eBooks on their site to download for free but more than 100,000 free eBooks are available including their partners and affiliates. All the books available in Gutenberg are proofread. Latest books are featured on their homepage giving authors to increase the exposure of the eBooks to the maximum.


#6 Scribd

The most popular document sharing website to download free eBooks. The eBooks will be available like a Word Document and can also can share your eBook with friends on social networking sites by copying the link. The most important feature in Scribd is, they provide presentations and spreadsheets too. The feature to embed on any website is just great for all bloggers and webmasters.

Scribd free eBook Document Sharing

#7 eBookDirectory

The largest eBook store which is exclusively meant to download free eBooks. They contain books regarding Literature, Computers, Internet, Marketing, Publishing, Tutorials etc. You can also submit a eBook for free on the site just by registering on the site. Downloading the eBook don't even require a credit card or email address. The service is completely free.

eBook Directory

#8 ManyBooks

ManyBooks is the great resource for downloading free eBooks. It gives the feature to search eBooks by filtering specified authors, titles, book genre, languages and also alphabetically. The site allows you to download in most of the available text formats like .pdf, .doc, .pdb, .zip, .lit, .pkg, .txt, .rtf and much more. If you like the eBook you download for free, you may also share with your friends on Facebook or any other social websites.


#9 University of Virginia Library

University of Virginia Library is the best place to access free eBooks regarding Science and Engineering, Education, Fine Arts, Law, Health and more. you may also browse books from A-Z database found on the website which allows you to download free eBooks easily.

University of Virginia Library free eBooks

#10 Biblioo

A dutch based site which offers lot of dutch books. The complete site is built in dutch language and it dowsn't mean that it don't have English books. It also have English eBooks to download. You can search for eBooks by author, ISBN or author. Premium books are also available in Biblioo.


If you would like to share more eBook store, please give a comment below. If any of the above listed online eBook stores have helped you, then you might share here your experiences and feelings.