Now a days, there are lot of people starting their own customized website and blogs. People who love to write always choose to blog and people who want to promote a brand, starts a website. There is a lot of difference between a blog and a website. People go crazy for money and start their own blog and website. Let me show you some basic requirements to start a website or blog.


The first thing to get started is, your mind. See that you are more confident on all work you do. Do think on whatever you perform and be aware that you have common sense. On the Internet, there are lot of good people and cheaters. Internet is the place where you get cheated easily.

The money you earn is more than the thrice you pay

Investment. If you are planning for a blog or website, there are lot of site which provide service for free. Some services are really good but not the most. If you are planning for starting a blog, then you have good and free services like Blogger from Google and

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Blogger and do provide better services but do not have enough options for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which is of no use, but still, if you can get more people from Social Media and if you are sure that you can crack people's mind by writing stuffs, you can seek for free services like Blogger and

Basic requirements to start a website

If you are a beginner and do not have a social site background, then you may always depend on search engines like Google, Bing etc. For this, I would recommend to use which requires a host to run.  I have some offers for you to get best hosting at economical price.

Get an Economical Hosting Package for your blog or website

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Domains are essential; Never go for free ones

The most important thing that you want to get is a Top Level Domain (TLD) or a ccTLD. Most of the search engines looks for such a domain. If you are going to target a particular country for traffic, it is better to go for a ccTLD but if you are targetting visitors from all over the world, then go for TLD like .com, .org, .net etc.

You can buy domains on HostGator or you can use GoDaddy coupons for purchasing a domain from them.


Okay, bought a host and a domain. What to do with it?

Once you are ready with your domain and hosting, it's time to install a web platform that is much essential. At most of the places, you can find CMS (Content Management System) like, Drupal, Joomla playing crucial part. Bloggers always choose as they have lot of SEO options, additional plug-ins and themes. is much easier to deal with than any other CMS. Drupal is little bit tougher comparatively but has the most advanced tools than any other CMS has.

If you are planning to start a website, you can go for Drupal.

Install CMS in a single click

Most of the hosting services provide a way for installing it with a single click. The cPanel of the host do provide a better feature for installing WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and lot more. They have more software for you to install on your root of your host. Hosts like HostGator who use cPanel have categorized the service which you are going to start. Suppose, if you want to start a Forum, you can click on Forum section and install required software on your server.

Write Blogs or Customize it for your brand

After installing a CMS, it's time for you to choose a best and Search Engine Optimized themes. Usually responsive themes that fit on any sized screen is the best. Buy a premium theme or download a free theme from website and add it to your CMS.

If you are going to start a website for promotional stuffs, you may customize the look and add contents accordingly. Bloggers may concentrate on writing a lot.


For every work, dedication is required. Do not always expect money from each task you do. Money is a reward which you get from your blog or website. The dedication for work is much needed before making a site or blog successful.

All the best!

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