Although while you call iPhone a best device ever, you might miss certain basic features on an iPhone. The basic features iPhone lacks might look dumb to you but these basic features iPhone lacks is due to certain reasons. Apple has the ability to bring such features but does not want to do it. You might wonder that you cannot do a simple stuff in a more than $1000 smartphone, but they are just for good reasons.

Incoming Phone Call on iPhone

Basic Features iPhone Lacks When you receive a call on iPhone, it covers the whole screen and in case if you are on some task, you will not get the ability to put the incoming phone call to the background or minimize incoming phone call. A couple of ways that you are allowed to do when you receive an incoming phone call on an iPhone is to answer the call or reject the call. If your iPhone is locked when you get an incoming call, you need to double-click the lock button to reject the call or just click on double-click once to silence the incoming call. This might be the most basic feature iPhone lacks but here is a strong reason. Reason You cannot minimize the incoming phone call on iPhone because Apple wants you to use only Phone app during the phone call. Any app running will go to suspended mode when you receive a call. This does not allow any app to track your phone calls. iOS provides a special ability for certain apps to get the caller ID, but only the incoming phone number is shared. Apple or any app will not know what you speak over the phone.

Switching Theme

Another basic feature iPhone lacks is you cannot customize theme on iPhone. Apple iOS itself is not customizable. You can just change the wallpaper but not the theme. You cannot change the icons, or you cannot modify the animation behaviour. Changing theme is fancy and everyone likes to feel iOS different at some point in time but unfortunately, Apple does not allow you to change the looks of iOS. Reason Apple wants to make iOS easy for users who do not know technology. Hence, Apple sticks with a simple and easy design. User Experience is the topmost priority for Apple. The company believes that themes can reduce the user experience delivered by Apple default. Hence, Apple does not provide the ability to change themes on iPhone.

Set Custom Ringtones

Apple does not allow you to set your own custom ringtones just like you do it on an Android or on an old Nokia handset. This feels dumb. On a smartphone worth more than $1000, you can't even set a ringtone? Yes. You cannot, but you have got a workaround to sync 30-second m4r audio file over iTunes to your iPhone so that you can set that file as your ringtone. This workaround is definitely not easier for people who are not fond of technology but Apple somehow provides a way indirectly. Reason Apple respects the privacy of the creators. Any use of music without the consent permission is not liked by any creator. Thus, Apple does not want you to set a song or music directly as a ringtone for your iPhone.

Cannot Download From Torrents on iPhone

App Store is the place where you cannot find any Torrent client. The .torrent file that you download from somewhere on the internet will be unrecognized by iOS. Apple does not encourage downloading via torrents. Reason Torrents mask the uploader and which is why there are a lot of pirated software and movies available on the torrents. When you download a file from torrents, you become an uploader to someone who downloads it. Hence, Apple believes that enabling torrents on iOS might cause piracy issues and which is why Apple App Store for iOS does not have any torrent clients available to install.


The basic features iPhone lacks are listed above. Even though iPhone lack basic features, iPhone is still the best device in the world as the company respects privacy and security. Apple has the ability to introduce all the above features but still, they do not want to do as they may breach privacy and security in some forms.