After installing the public release of iOS 11 on my iPhone 6 Plus, I could find several hardships that I never faced it in previous versions of iOS. Something is bad in iOS 11 but still, there are major changes in the iOS 11 as a new one. The bugs on any software are acceptable. The company should release upcoming updates in order to overcome the bugs that exist in the phone.bad in ios 11 bugs Volume/Brightness slider slides while closing Control Center The Control Center of the iOS 11 occupies full screen, initially it looked crappy but eventually, it became comfortable since the whole new Control Center is customizable. Brightness and Volume slider are vertically slidable and hence when you slide down to close the Control Center, your finger may accidentally tap on brightness or volume control, which slides them. Apple might have given a horizontal slider for volume/brightness to eradicate this issue. Music Controls on Control Center and Notification area does not work While playing music on Music app or any other third party music app, the controls on the music widget of Notification area or Control Center does not work sometimes. Also, the music title that shows up as currently playing is not the one which is actually played. Battery Drains Quickly Compared to previous versions of iOS, the iOS 11 gives a bit low battery life. However, this is improved by turning off Background App Refresh and Location Services. In further updates, Apple might work on the battery life to improve them. Swiping right from Notification Area opens up the app that shows notification Apple has implemented a new feature that, upon swiping right a notification will open up the app of that particular notification instantly. However, when we want to swipe right to view all "At a glance" widgets, the notification app opens up, or it asks for Touch ID to open the app. Thus, you need to swipe right on the area where it does not have any notification. This can be a problem when users like me used to pile up old notifications without clearing it. Some apps close unexpectedly Most of the apps are not well optimized for iOS 11. The optimization by app developers might take time. Some of the apps quit unexpectedly on iOS 11 while using it. These issues might be fixed in further app updates. No option to hide screenshot preview While taking a screenshot on iOS 11, the screenshot floats on the screen but there is no permanent way to hide showing previews. Apple should give an option to permanently hide such previews. However, you can dismiss the preview with a small swipe. Every time when you take a screenshot on iOS 11, you need to hide them. However, this will not be a problem when you take subsequent screenshots as the screen does not capture the previous screenshot that is floating on the screen. Siri performance is slow on older devices Siri performs slow. This is clearly seen in the animation of Siri animation that happens when you hold the home button. On newer version of iPhone, the performance is found better. Have you updated to iOS 11 yet? Share your thoughts on the new update that you have experienced so far.