Facebook uses a CDN to store images so that the load time of the site is fast. AkamaiHD is the service used by Facebook and other big giants to store audio and video related files. You might have noticed that even after you delete a photo, you could still access the photo by using the direct URL of the image. The reason behind this is, Facebook deletes the entry from the database and the media won't be visible on places such as timeline or in album or in news feed. AkamaiHD still stores the photo that you have uploaded which is why you can access the photo even after you delete it. Akamai has a feature of generating an ASCII pattern of your uploaded photo. Also, it generates colored ASCII art of Facebook profile photo.

The trick is simple to do.

You need to copy the direct image URL of your Facebook profile photo.

Colored ASCII Art

To do this, open profile picture in theater view.

Right click on the image and choose copy image address.

Now paste the address on the address bar and append .html to the end of the URL.

For example, if your image URL looks like...


then add .html at the end of the URL, so it looks like...


Colored ASCII Art of Facebook Profile Photo

Note: This trick does not works if the URL contains URL attributes such as ?oh after .jpg.

The above trick also works for Facebook cover photo. Any photo that does not have URL attributes such as ?oh will work.

Black-and-white ASCII art

You can also generate a black-and-white ASCII of your profile photo by appending .txt with the image URL. This may or may not have use but it is definitely a cool feature of generating an ASCII art.

BW ASCII art Facebook

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