Apple is known for innovation in hardware and software. The family of Apple devices work seamlessly when they are connected. When Apple can introduce a log of devices that has better touch screens, why did Apple introduced touch bar on MacBook Pro instead of making the whole display a touch screen? The reason is due to macOS, formerly known as OS X. Apple's trackpad is a lot better way to use macOS with no regrets. None of the MacBook users might have longed for a touch-enabled MacBook as their needs are fully filled by the large trackpad.


There are also a lot of reasons why Apple is still backwards on introducing touch screens on MacBooks.

#1 macOS is not a touch-friendly operating system

Let us take Windows. We all know that Windows is one of the best touch friendly device and most of the laptop vendors introduce touchscreens on Windows 8 and above laptops. Do touch screens do not work on other operating systems? It will work. However, Windows 7 and their predecessors are not designed for users to choose contextual menus and open / access apps. Those operating systems have icons to point and select which is more convenient to do on a mouse than with your fingers.

Windows 8 was introduced by replacing icons with tiles. Tiles are more convenient to tap on a finger than an icon which is why Windows 8 becomes an operating system that is touch-friendly. macOS, on the other hand, contains icons which are convenient to select by a trackpad or a mouse. Making it as a touch screen will not mark the success of Apple. You will be disappointed which is understood deeply by Apple.

We should hope that in future, Apple may introduce a touch-friendly operating system and alongside introduces a MacBook with a touchscreen.

#2 Trackpad is more than enough on a Mac

Apple's trackpad is the best hardware which I've ever used. None of the trackpads on other laptops can match with Apple's trackpad. The trackpad is very soft and sufficiently big to track the screen. Apple's trackpad can support 5 fingers at a time very seamlessly.

#3 Mac is a sit-down Experience

According to Apple, MacBook and Mac are designed for sit-down experience. Apple believes that users do not feel comfortable in raising their hand and touching the screen in order to point to what they need. This does not hold very much strong enough because Microsoft has already disproved on such concept. If you have a touch-screen Windows laptop, how often do you use your touch screen? Mostly for scrolling, right?

#4 iPad Sales Might Go Down

Apple might be still behind the competitors for not introducing touch screen laptops still as Apple might think that iPad's sale might start to decrease if they introduce touch-screen on MacBooks.

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