India has already launched a cheapest Tablet computer that run on Android Operating System from Ubislate which is also known as Aakash Tablet computers. Most of the people have commented both the negative and positive feedback after using the Aakash Tablet which is known as the cheapest Tablet computers ever on the world. But newer version of the Tablet computer has undergone changes of fixing the problem that was found in the previous version.

Go Tech Digital Pvt. Limited which is a company that makes specifically the Tablet computers has announced cheapest Tablet computers next to Aakast Tablet computers. However, it is not cheaper than Aakash Tablet computers. The company has released two types of Tablet computers. The one with SIM features and the another one without SIM feature. The Tablet computer which is of SIM feature is priced as Rs. 6999 and the one without the SIM feature is priced at Rs. 3999. The Tablet computer which contains SIM card feature can be used to make phone calls and the Tablet is named as FoneTab. Another one without the SIM feature is named as FunTab which can be used for entertainment purposes and also for professional purposes like creating documents, sending mail using WiFi connection etc.

Tablet can be used in Web applications for chatting and video conferencing using a 0.3 Mega Pixel of camera. The memory size can be extended up to 32 GB using SD cards. The Android Operating feature which is installed in the Tablet computer provides millions of Applications to be downloaded. The games offers the need of a gamer's thirst.

Social Experiences can be experienced in a large 7 inches TFT screen which will be quite enough to contain all the parts displayed on the large screen. The E-Book reader which helps the users to view documents is pre installed in both FunTab and FoneTab. USB Ports enables the user to insert storage medias like Pen drives, external hard disks etc. Buffer your YouTube videos in FunTab and FoneTab which shows you in large screen. Calenders helps you to add notes in particular date and set a reminder. Contacts can be stored in FoneTab which wil make you to keep in touch with friends, family and colleagues. Photos can be viewed in a lucid slideshow.

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