Are you looking for VPN free? Be careful then! Remember that someone should manage free options. Well, do you think that somebody might work for you pro bono? Got curious? Then read more below. Anonymous VPN Free

Credible Free VPN Do Exist

That would be unfair to say that pro bono services do not exist. They are functioning by volunteer programs or in the frameworks of research. For example, VPN Gate is provided by Japanese students under the supervision of the University of Tsukuba. This VPN is free. You may trust it because students take you as a part of an academic experiment. There is also a network of volunteers called TOR. They are considered as credible individual VPN providers as well. What refers to other services offering anonymous VPN free, think twice before subscribing to any of them.

Mousetraps For Freshmen In VPN

If you are freshmen in VPN using, then you should learn profiles very thoroughly. There is an avalanche of traps waiting for unexperienced users. That happens because of marketing policies of businesses. As they say, nothing personal - it’s just business. Many advertised VPN providers suggest potential clients try their product free or on semi-free conditions. You may be offered an anonymous VPN entirely (!) free. That usually means that you will be shown some ads or welcomed to follow redirecting links while using the service. Another way to get money from consumers looks this way: a provider offers you a free usage but at the same time asks to pay a not significant cost for paid VPN options. These are, perhaps, the most painless way to experience free VPN. Though, there are more serious business schemes. Some evil companies provide free VPN to store personal data for further selling it to the third parties. So, always ask for strict no log policy. The third situation belongs to cyber fraud. If you became a victim of cyber-fraudsters, do not hesitate to turn to the police. They must register the case and investigate it within their division specialising in cyber crimes.

What To Expect When You Use VPN Free

Anonymous access to foreign censored websites seems to be tasty for most users. This opens streaming videos and music not available in your country at the moment. So, you feel up-to-date and in connection with the whole world. Knowing that anonymity is the most desired option for consumers, providers use this fact to their advantage. They offer free anonymous VPN and forget to tell you about other surprises. So, what should you expect when you decide to use free VPN? Look at the list:

  1. No expert support for clients. (If you are not able to cope with any needed operations, you will have to pay for advisory.)
  2. Annoying ads while using services.
  3. Low speed
  4. Poor access to desired contents
  5. Poor reliability.

If you still wishing to subscribe to free VPN for anonymity, take this information into account. We want you never get into a mousetrap of cyber-rascals!