The internet and search giant, Google runs Android on many branded smartphones and tablets. Though Android is an open source Operating System, Russia suspects and takes more cautionary steps for not letting the nation's sensitive and hidden secrets to US Government. Though Google gives assurance for not letting the information provided by the user, Russia wants to redefine and make their own operating system for their tablet computers. They are targeting a high security for their nation and people in their nation. That is why, they ask for a highly secured own operating system for their tablet computers.

Android Like Operating System

Russia has their own Global Positioning System (GPS) which is called GLONASS. This system is similar to the GPS made by Americans but Russians, for better security, they made their own once ago. They want to integrate those feature in their Android like operating system. Google seems to collects some private details that  is sent to Google Headquarters. May be, that is due to improving their product. But, Russia, for high security reasons, they don't want their people's or nation's private data to Google.

And, if you ask how the operating system will be designed, then the answer is, Russia don't wants an Android operating system that collects private information from the user. Thus, they will design an Android Like operating system for tablet computers. They will be creating Android like operating system one for Public people and another for military purposes. The military purpose operating system will be made shock and water proof. Russia has named the operating system as RoMOS (Russian Mobile Operating System) and the software will be made in Russian Ministry Research facility.

After hearing this news, I could remember my nation, India's refusal action with Google when Google was about to take street view in India. Every country have their own secrets and sensitive information about the people and nation. Russia really cares the most.