Are you a fan of any tech company other than Google? A fan of Microsoft? Apple? Well, this post is not targeted to praise Google and offend other most popular tech companies. I'm a big fan of Microsoft and I do always fight for Windows Phone whenever people encourages people to buy an Android or iPhone. Though a fan always fights for his favorite brand or product, he/she always accepts the fact of anything that misses on their favorite product. Technology obsolescence is one of the factor on which people highly worry about while buying a new tech device. This problem is worried a lot while buying a smartphone. With Android you can avoid technology obsolescence, not permanently but makes you feel comfortable for a long time.Avoid Technology Obsolescence with Android

What do we need from technology?

Generally speaking, what do we need while buying a new smartphone? Let's list them.

  • A best quality handset at best price - Yeah, obviously a matter of smartness.
  • Highly equipped features - We are in thirst of using the new technology and hence we need whatever the extreme features that binds our budget.
  • The device which I buy should not go obsolete sooner - An important aspect which you should care about before buying a smartphone or whatever the tech device be.

Why Android?

In the recent Google I/O 2014 event, the company introduced Android L, Android TV, Android Auto, Android Wear and Android apps for Chromebook. It's very much exciting to people about the new releases from Google.

Google is trying to extend Android features to a TV and car that makes the user experience more easier. With just an Android smartphone, you can control your TV or get help while driving.

Google Glass works only on Android. Yesterday, they talked about laptops. Today, about a tablet and eventually, tomorrow is about Glass or Smart Watches.

It is smarter to switch on a technology that supports various devices right now than sticking to a device that supports only your current requirements.

Why not Windows Phone or Apple Devices?

Microsoft is growing in smartphone industry gradually. It doesn't mean that Microsoft makes the user to feel about their devices out dated soon. The company is working hard to bring several changes to make user experience better.

At the present situation, comparing to Windows Phone and Apple, Android seem to interact with several of their products. The Google I/O event has proved it right. An Android smartphone can interact with a watch (Android Wear), a television (Android TV) and a vehicle (Android Auto). Don't you see that Android is compatible with all your things which you most use?

Apple devices do have Apple CarPlay and TV but we need a product with best price. Apple devices are expensive and most of the middle-class people hate Apple just due to the price. Do you agree that owning an Apple device is just to show off the status and not for the requirement they actually needed?

How extending the technology could prevent obsolescence?

We could clearly see that future is with Google Glass or smart watches. Currently, the latest Android version KitKat (However, Google has announced Android L) has support with Glass and smart watches.

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Google's Android smartphones now comes with best configurations available at best prices. On considering the above mentioned aspects to buy a smartphone, Apple doesn't meet the aspect of "best price" though they have a better technology. Microsoft is still in growth but soon, we can expect several drastic changes on Windows Phone.

The hardware specifications of today's Android smartphones are more than the minimum specifications required by currently available Android technology. The future is near and it's time to switch to a Wear or use Android on your car.


We admit that however, the smartphone can be of future ready, the device might get obsolete eventually. When a Google user is using his Google Glass with Android, why should a one with Windows Phone feel that his phone isn't compatible with such Glass? Thus it's smarter to move with a growing technology which makes you feel comfortable for a long time.

When Microsoft releases a similar Glass for Windows Phone, who knows it might be compatible with currently existing Windows Phone operating systems? Similar question arises with Apple.

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