There is always been craze for Android smartphones in countries like India. As they support a hell lot of games and apps, most of the youngsters go for it than choosing iOS or Windows Phone. Most of the popularly used apps are now available for all popular mobile operating systems but still, citizens of some developing nations do not own a smartphone. For your information, most of the online gaming sites have now started to contain smartphone games and those sites have now created apps for the popular browser Google Chrome. Let us have a look on some Android apps for Google Chrome.

I have provided the Chrome Store links below the post to install these Chrome apps on your Google Chrome browser.

1. Talking Tom Cat 2

The most popular and freaking app on Android is Talking Tom Cat 2. Most of the kids, and even elders should have loved this app when they used it. The funny speech repeated by the cat ultimately makes one's mind-set free and feel happy. The most funniest feature of the app is the Tom's voice tone and the speed. If you have a microphone and a speaker, you may install this app on your Chrome browser to have fun.

Talking Tom Cat 2 Android Apps for Google Chrome

2. Angry Birds

Who haven't still heard about this game? I don't find anyone right here. The official app for Google Chrome lets you to play Angry Birds on browser though your internet connection is switched off. You may either play it online or install a plugin to play Angry birds offline on your computer's browser.

Talking Tom Cat 2 Android App for Google Chrome

3. Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is yet another kid's game loved by all age groups. This app is available for Google Chrome but you already know that original is better one. Thus, you need to click on the fruit to smash them instead of swiping like, in your Android. Clicking and dragging over the fruit makes no sense for the app. You may try this Chrome app if you are a Fruit Ninja!

Fruit Ninja Android App for Google Chrome

4. Angry Gran Run (Subway Surfers Alike)

The Subway Surfers for Google Chrome is a way different one than Android's Subway Surfers which deal with the Railways. The Angry Gran Run will deal with streets where you may need to do exactly what you do on Subway Surfers for Android. You just need to run, collect coins and tackle with the obstacles on the way of game journey.

Subway Surfers for Chrome

5. Pyramid Run

Pyramid Run is a similar game like Temple Run which is available for Google Chrome. This is an online game for which the Chrome app has been created by the site's developer.

Temple Run Android App for Google Chrome

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Update (20th June 2015): All the above Google Chrome extensions has been removed or officially discontinued by the extension author.

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