Blackberry Messenger is one of the most popular messengers to send messages to people easily through mobile data. There was once a season when people bought Blackberry smartphones just because of Blackberry Messenger. But later, WhatsApp came into competition. Android and iOS users were able to send messages through mobile data. Recently, Blackberry Messenger (BBM) was announced for Android and iOS. The new app for Android and iOS is found to have lot of bugs. Particularly, Android users has experienced lot of trouble after installing the app. Learn why BBM sucks.

Why BBM Sucks for Android

There are a lot of reasons why you need yet another messenger app to send and receive free messages over mobile data. Besides this reason, the BBM which got more than 280K downloads on Google Play Store is found to have a lot of bugs which reduces the app experience.

People have now bid bye to SMS on mobile after the evolution of apps like BBM, WhatsApp, Viber etc.

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The below mentioned are some of the bugs and issues which BBM users of Android have experienced on installing the app on their smooth running Android smartphone. However, some of the users' BBM worked perfectly without any issues.

#1 Notification Issues

New message notification is the most important part to be concentrated while developing such types of apps. Some users seem to be having issues with the notification. The app does not fire up any notification while working on some other app or when the pone is idle. However, they could find an unread message later after opening the app.

Also, some users experienced issues with sound. Though their volumes were up for applications, the BBM produced notification sounds which were really too low.

#2 Sent yesterday; Received today

Some users complained that the app did not work well for instant and emergency messages. Users experienced long period of delay for receiving a sent message. Though the mobile data was working correctly, BBM did not use network to send the user's message to the recipient.

#3 Small Emoticons

Users were not much impressed with the emojis available on BBM for Android. The emoticons were much smaller than the text which showed up on the screen. Users suggests the developers to increase the size of emoticons so that they correctly sync with texts to make more impressive.

#4 Eats up battery

BBM which runs "always" eats a lot of battery compared to normal situations. Even if the app is not used by the user, it continuously checks for new messages using mobile data. This surprisingly is not only with BBM, but also with other apps like WhatsApp. As compared to other messengers, users complained that BBM eats up lot of battery.

As per the BBM users of latest smartphone with decent hardware configuration, they found their app to get freeze at most of the situations. Sometimes the app gets closed automatically while using it for messaging.

#5 Issues while Setting up BBM

Some of the Android BBM users complained that they were not able to sign in BBM after registering. Also other issues were, users were not able to accept the incoming invites. The sharing of BBM PIN should be improved.

#6 Profile Picture Issues

BBM did not show up all friends with their profile picture. Some of their friends did not have to contain any profile picture though their friend actually had a profile picture on their BBM.

Some users complained that their own profile pictures were not showed up to their friends though the app looked like, it had already updated the profile picture.

#7 Nothing Unique

As Android users have already experienced messenger apps like WeChat, Hike, WhatsApp and Line, they did not find anything special on BBM. Also most of the users uninstalled the app after using the messenger for an hour.

Do you experience any other troubles on BBM? Please share via comments below.