In the recent modern world, kids have gone more oriented towards gaming consoles like  PlayStation and Xbox. Earlier, there was a craze of playing interesting games on Nintendo. Computer games were popular at that time but now-a-days gaming consoles have got lot of support exclusively for games and so, we could see kids going for special gaming consoles. Not only kids, adults like us have also been much crazier towards the latest games which involves a lot of violence. See 5 types of raging gamers in the world.

Among the kids, there is lot more benefits of gaming. Once I read a quote, "Thank you video games for making me pass on all English exams". Also among the students, kids who play video games are highly motivational that they aim at completing the given tasks.

I have seen gamers who play only racing games and some, who play only arcade games. Gamers often go rage when they experience problems like network disconnection or slower network problems.

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At the same time, just look at the gamers who were rage seriously at the end of this infographics. Games have gone at the extreme levels for certain type of situations they crossed while gaming.

There are a lot of things discussed in the below infographics about what makes a gamer to go rage.  If you are a rage gamer, find yourself which type of rage gamers you are and find more information about the recent survey conducted by the Virgin Media.

5 Types of Raging Gamers in World

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Apparently lag counts towards 5% all deaths online when gaming. Which makes us all rage, but what are the other causes of spouts of rage for Gamers? Virgin Media”™s Gamer Rage infographics covers some of the most blood-boiling common causes.

Please comment your thoughts about the games and craze of gamers below. If you are a gamer, do you really feel for being so rage or more passionate about it?