We have been using Facebook since years and there are some features that may or may not be aware with you. Some of these features are not informed to users like you and me. Uploading and sharing photos on Facebook is the main activity for performing in social networking sites. What do Facebook do with photos? When you upload a photo, you only know that your photo is being uploaded on Facebook server and is being viewed by your friends and other people. There are some interesting and hidden facts about Facebook Photos which I have discussed below. You really need to know about Facebook Photos while you upload bunch on it.

Lowering the Quality of Memorable Facebook Photos

Facebook do have algorithms that whenever you upload a photo, they become static and compressed. The photos which you upload are converted to a low quality JPG files than the actual quality of the photo when you upload. Fortunately, the resolution of the image also becomes dull. This also applies when you send photos on messages too.

When you want to share memorable photos with your friends and openly allow them to download the photos, then it is not a good idea to send on Facebook. You would rather email them the photo albums or upload it on cloud and share the link with them.

New Profile Pictures are Always Public

Most of the Facebook addicts might have noticed this but still, I do see some people not caring about the picture”™s privacy though they personally seem to be maintaining privacy over such stuffs. Whenever you upload a new profile picture, the privacy is automatically set to visible for “Public”. If you concern more about your photo privacy, then you really need to care about this setting right after the upload.

New Profile Pictures are Public : Facebook photos

Did you know? Though your big profile picture is limited only to your friends or friends of friends, a stranger can always access the full-sized profile picture using a public URL. For more information regarding this, read here.

Deleted Photos are Not Actually Deleted

When you delete a photo from Facebook, you are not actually deleting the photo permanently from Facebook. The photo entry from the database is deleted but Facebook uses a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for making the site to load faster. The images are hosted on CDN service called “Akamaihd” which stores the images though you delete them from Facebook. There are more than millions of such images stored in CDN used by Facebook though the user actually thinks that the image has got deleted permanently.

Photos can go more viral than a Status Update

Uploading a photo is quite better than updating a status on Facebook. People apparently are lazier enough to type the same quote on their “Update Status” box for sharing. They”™d rather prefer sharing the photo you upload than updating it as status. Also, not all people do steal your photos and upload on their timeline. This can make a quote to go viral than a status update. Not only about the sharing stuff, but also they are easily “catchy” to your friend or the person who follows you when they look at their news feed.

Change to same Profile Picture for making the Picture appear on Friend”™s News Feed again

You can make profile picture to appear on news feed again and again. Some of the key techniques which you already know is, by commenting or liking the picture but also, you can make the story “Your Name has changed his profile picture” to appear on your friend”™s News Feed.

To make this possible, just open your profile picture and choose options, then select “Make Profile Picture”. Simple, right? Get more likes and comments by this technique.

Change Same Profile Picture on Facebook

But unfortunately, you cannot make the same cover picture to appear on news feed again without uploading a new one.

Share your thoughts below. If you know some more interesting facts about Facebook Photos, you may share with us in the comments below.