Music at anytime and anywhere becomes more fun and makes human mind to set free. Sound systems at home, we use a normal computer speaker or home theater system attached to DVD players. But we sometimes or always need a music system while travelling. the evolution of earphones made this possible. The bigger size headphones, though we could get a high quality of music through them, it is not more handy to carry anywhere. A earphone can be more easy to carry anywhere thereby, you can hear music anytime and anywhere. Well, Technology made this so simple. I would like to list out few best high quality earphones.

The first choice is the best choice. Whatever be the product, you must inquire about that particular product and brand up to the core before buying it. Most of the local companies and fakes now exist. It is sure, that fake earphones won't have the best quality of sound and lifetime. So, it is always strongly recommended if you buy a branded one.

Some people go crazy that they use their iPods and Music players while going to bed. A melodious song can make one to enjoy the pleasure and make him/her to sleep peacefully. After you sleep, you won't be sensing the music. You may roll over the bed. Earphones might just crush because of the behavior while sleeping.

I would like to rank Skull candy as the first preferred choice best quality earphones because, people who buy them make positive review all over the web.

#1 Skullcandy 50/50

Skullcandy 50/50 comes with a mic and a pair of ear buds. There goes an excellent review for 50/50 model. The price is bit higher than Smokin' buds but the quality matters here. The lifetime of the earphone seems to be long. The sound quality just rocks here. Skull Candy 50/50 is supposed to be more worthy than earphone which you buy for $100. The bass system is improved with Skull candy 50/50. The earphone comes with mic and will be more comfortable to wear with.

Skull Candy 50/50 High quality earphone

#2 Sennheiser CX 215

Sennheiser headphones and earphones always a renowned product. Sound quality and design are just attractive. The stylish earphone ever is now for sale, and yes, it's a new release from Sennheiser. The CX 215 model earphone is available in blue, green, orange, bronze and red color. It features Intraaural (ear canal fit) ear coupling. The impedence is up to 16 ohm. Sound pressure level will be up to 110 dB. The bass sound system is more detailed.

Sennheiser CX 215 High Quality Earphone

#3 Sony MDR-EX90LP

We always recommend Sony for the brand and name. We are just addicted to their mobile phone they produce which no one can beat up their display quality and audio quality. They also rock in making headphones and earphones. We would like to buy an earphone which should always match to our gadgets. You can choose this in this case. the black and silver furnished earphones really matches to most of your gadgets like iPod, Mobile and MP3 Players. The price is higher than usual but compared to the quality of the headphone, it is totally worth. The decent bass, high detail of sound clarity are the awesome features in Sony MDR-EX90LP.

Sony MDR-EX90LP High Quality Earphone

#4 Beats by Dr.Dre - Tour

Well, the brand got famous just because of Dr.Dre and Eminem. The company maintained the name by producing high quality earphones. The mode "Tour" is supposed to be the best model in Beats by Dr.Dre earphones. Most of the people prefer this, write positive reviews on this. The features matters here. The earphone is more less weight which is more compact and portable. The wire doesn't get tangled. You can wind up in any way. The advantage is, you can easily set them free. That's tangle free earphone ever. It can be used for mobile phone and can be used for phone calls. They provide different buds just to fit your ear correctly. this cna make you more comfortable to listen to your favorite music.

beats By Dr.Dre Tour High Quality Earphones

#5 Philips SHE9850

Philips, a trusted brand for all. All appliances made by them can be trusted in terms of both quality and brand. Philips SHE9850 features a high definition quality of sound. A clear and flawless sound is resulted. The best one to fit into your ears and provides you a decent bass. If you wish to upgrade your earphone, then this can also be your best choice.

Philips SHE9850 High Quality Earphones

If you have any other model which is considered to be best, feel free to write up in comments.