Facebook has unveiled five different admin roles for a Facebook Page where an admin can choose roles for other admins thereby giving sufficient administering rights to specific admin. This feature has been introduced today and supposed to be a great feature for Facebook Fan Page administrators who find difficult to make strangers as administrators. Different admin roles can make the creator of the page to believe stranger in posting content.

Till yesterday, the situation was like cat on the wall, any admin if he/she thinks to remove other admins is possible but this feature can make other admins to post only content as a page and not giving any rights to change admin roles for the Page. Before this feature has been rolled out, most of the pages were overtaken by other admins where the creator of the page loses his own page when he/she provide admin rights to strangers.

Facebook has rolled out 5 different administrator roles to a page. They are, [unordered_list style="star"]

  • Manager All administrative privileges  including removal and changing roles to other admins are given to a Manager. Usually this can be given to creator of the Page admin or if the creator wishes to give other admin, the manager role, he may give. The owner of the page is referred to manager. Person in this role may do all activity that can be carried out to edit the page.
  • Content Creator The person who holds this role may only post as page, view insights, can advertise page,  delete or respond to comments and send message as a page. The person in this role cannot remove other administrators of the page.
  • Moderator A moderator may not be able to create content as a page but can respond to comments, advertise the page, view insights of the page and send message as page.
  • Advertiser A person with Advertiser role may only advertise the page and view insights of the Facebook fan page.
  • Insights Analyst If a manager wants to make someone to view insights for a page and notify the improvement of the page to the manager or other administrators, then the page manager can make someone an Insight Analyst.


There is no restriction in number of administrators. Any manager can create unlimited administrators for a page. This feature might be useful for a page with large number of likes and more administrators. As Facebook has introduced the feature today, all administrators of the page is a Manager by default. All Page creators are requested to change the roles of other administrators to ensure security for your Page. If you delay, any other administrators can change other administrator's role.

Do you like this new feature for Facebook page? Drop your thoughts as a comment. Also see, tips for increasing likes on Facebook page.