File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is always essential to transfer files from your computer to web server or from a web server to your computer. A really an essential tool, though you use a site powered by WordPress. Though you use WordPress, if you face any problems, then you must access files only with File Transfer Protocol. Cliets like FileZilla provide FTP access to your web server but if a situation arise like, if you are not able to use such client, you may depend on online FTP sites to get accessed to your files on your web server.

Most of the online FTP sites offer an easy and similar interface to work with. The interface look moreover the same to make people easy to transfer their files and folders. These can be said as a best web applications for webmasters. The online FTP clients too provide most or all the features provided by a FTP software that can be used by installing in your computer, but the problem using FTP client by installing is, some will support on Windows and some will not. You may like the one which support on Linux but you will be having a Windows Operating System.

Best Online FTP clients

Online FTP clients can be accessed anywhere, anytime and on any operating system.

#1 Net2FTP

The first preference, I would like to give is net2ftp because, a year ago, when I used free web hosting, they recommended to use this online FTP client. I felt really comfortable in using this. It features all services what your cPanel's online file manager provide. You may copy, move, select and edit files. It has a code editor and also a specialized editor for HTML, called HTML editor. To limit their server's usage, they limit particular user to upload a size of particular size, that is, a user can upload files only upto certain bandwidth. Above which he won't be able to upload files for that day. Net2FTP can also be used to transfer files from one server to another. If you have two web servers, it will be more useful in transferring files from one server to another.

#2 FTPLive

I think FtpLive is famous after Net2FTP as it provides somewhat less feature than Net2FTP. It can be used to upload, download, move and copy files. You can also edit files. It allows you to change permissions (CHMOD) for a particular file or folder. It also offers premium FTP access which will offer you more services than the free one. In premium FTP, you won't be seeing their ads, so that you can feel more comfortable to transfer your files. Also, in the free account, you will be able to upload a maximum size of 10 MB file. But in premium account, you can upload up to 300 MB at a time with a Secure SSL connection.

#3 Jambai FTP

The interface will be more similar to Net2FTP. All features which you can experience in Net2FTP can also be seen in Jambai web FTP client. A trusted online FTP client. No details of log in credentials or files are recorded in their system. It can also be used to copy, move, delete and edit files on the server using Jambai FTP.

#4 AnyClient Web Service

A Java powered online web FTP client which runs only if you have a Java installed on your computer. The user interface looks more easier to transfer files from and to web server. It looks similar to a software which provides FTP service. It shows all current process while uploading files or downloading files from the server.

#5 SmoothFTP

The user interface of SmoothFTP looks so clean and will be more intuitive. Site works on all operating system and can be used to perform all basic operations of a file, that is, copy, move, delete, upload and download. SmoothFTP can also be used to unzip or extract a compressed file. Usually, it extracts from ZIP file.

If you like any other online FTP clients, please share in comments.