Music enables a human to relax himself from mind pressure. You might be in love with certain songs from any of your favorite album. You might love lyrics in some of the songs or only the music in some songs or both. Sometimes, you may like to have only the music from your favorite song as your mobile ringtone. In some cases, you may have to select the song's music or the vocal part alone for your dance program at your school or college. In that case, you will be in need of such software to remove vocal or extract music from a song. This post might make you aware of such software so that you can use them or recommend people to use such tools.

Remove vocal and extract music from a song

#1 Audacity

Audacity is a popular tool to extract music from a song. It is considered to be the best tool to do this task. Audacity is a free and open source software to remove vocal and extract music from a song. The popularity of Audacity is just because of the easier interface for teachers and students.  Audacity not only features for vocal removal and to extract music from a song but also to edit a song much deeply.  The recordings can also be edited with this tool. With the availability of large number of effects and plugins, we can bring best results.

#2 Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition was formerly known as Cool Edit Pro. Adobe Audition is a best known for editing most of the types of audio. People who work on high scale audio editing use Adobe Audition for best results. They can also be used for removing vocal from a song. Adobe Audition will provide a lot of options to have a customized song. You can also edit your own recordings using Adobe Audition. Vocal can be perfectly removed without any disturbance of other sounds using Adobe Audition.

#3 AnalogX Vocal Remover

AnalogX Vocal remover is a tool which is always used for removing vocal from a song easily. AnalogX is a developer of lot of software but they have specially concentrated on vocal removing and thus they brought us a powerful too to remove vocal and extract music from a song. They also support recordings to remove vocal separately or music separately. It works like the vocal removing hardware. The same principle is used on AnalogX Vocal Removal to bring a powerful effect on all types of songs which you feed to them.

AnalogX also act as a plugin for your Winamp so as to convert vocal tracks  to karaoke or instrumental.

#4 Mixcraft

Mixcraft can be the popular and best tool for editing audios but they are also used to remove vocal and extract music from a song. In most of the cases, Mixcraft  is not recommended for removing vocal but still it works like a charm for some songs. Mixcraft is great in reducing vocal of a song. A large collection of effects for an audio is available  on Mixcraft.

What's your thought on such tools?  Have you used any to remove vocal and extract music from a song? If so, please do share what tools you used.