We have been using social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Have you ever wondered about other social networking sites which still run now without popularity? Though they are not popular like Facebook or Twitter or YouTube, they still have their unique features. There should be a specific reason behind the biggest social networking sites why they became popular. People are much driven towards Facebook and Twitter just because of the unique features they bought. User interface is one of the important aspect to be considered before they could design a social networking site. In that case, I can say that Twitter and Facebook really gives an interface which is much easier to users of all age groups. There are some social networking sites you do not know or you haven't heard of.

Social Networking Sites You Do Not Know

Initially, when we got an internet connection, our online presence was much seen on Orkut and when days passed by, we moved to MySpace and finally to Facebook and Twitter. Now, I could see some people moving from Facebook to Google+ which really combines the concept of Facebook and Twitter. We still do not know where people would go in future. As far now, business people are finding much profit from Social networking sites like Facebook. They even find customers on Facebook. Business is now done through technology.

Let us jump into the topic. I have listed some of the social networking sites you do not know.

#1 Minti

Minti is a site especially made for parents who care about their child the most. Parents can ask any type of questions on the site and other parents can respond their ideas or suggestions to them. In turn, any two parents can be connected to communicate with them. Parents can also get advises from others for seeding good behavior or health of their child. Parents can share photos of their child's achievement or any other with other parents. Also, Minti allows you to share your birthday or someone in your family's birthday with others. Minti helps in connecting various families across the world.

#2 Blauk

Blauk was founded by Samson Manickaraj on 29 February, 2012. Blauk allows a user to post photos, status, videos or thoughts either anonymously or by name. Anonymous posting on Blauk works once when you get four or more than four friends. It is exclusively designed for college students. Blauk allows them to collect information about their looks, dressing sense etc. from other people either anonymously or by name. Blauk makes a person to rectify his or her attitude by receiving suggestions from friends and other people.

#3 LifeKnot

LifeKnot allows people to connect by interest. Like other social networking sites, LifeKnow too allows you to share their activities, interests and other information on user's profile. LifeKnow allows you to search for people with common interest and hence you can easily connect with the people who has interest same as yours. Hiking, Mountain hiking, boating, aviation, computer, food, fitness, farming and over 1,000 activities are  grouped on LifeKnot.

#4 Tylted (Cellufun)

Tylet is a mobile social networking site which is featured for gaming. With games, users can become friends with other people. Their slogan is, "where games make fun" is really powerful. They have become partners with AT&T, Verizon, MetroPCS, Virgin Mobile, AOL etc. Cellufun was the name before an year ago but now, they have branded themselves as Tylted.

#5 FullCircle

FullCircle was founded on 2009 and it was formerly known as MyTalk. FullCircle is not public. The membership of FullCircle is available in 33 different countries. Like Tylted, FullCircle also works on mobile. They behave as a location based service portal for users engaging FullCircle via mobile.

#6 Wellwer

Wellwer allows members to share ideas, thoughts and news with friends. Wellwer was founded by a Bulgarian student, Yanislav Iliev doing his marketing at Plovdiv University. The site was launched on 2011 but officially founded on 2010. The site is available in English and Bulgarian language.

#7 Xt3

Xt3 is a social networking site which keeps you updated with church news and events. The site is exclusively designed for Christians and has been lauched on behalf of World Youth Day 2008 at Sydney, Australia. This site has been rated as the best site for publication from Australian Catholic Press Association Awards.

#8 LifeTango

Lifeatango allows you to share your goals with your friends. Once when you have shred, you will be receiving from the members of LifeTango where they support your goal. You can very well get inspired about your activities which you do to attain the goal. Goals like "Learn Chinese", "Reduce weight" etc. (mostly short term and common goals) are shared there.

#9 Friends Reunited

Friends Reunited is an England based social networking website which is usually used by the people to share about jobs and research. The company think that the reunion can be made among the people through jobs, research and dating.

#10 Traineo

Traineo is just similar to LifeTango but Traineo concentrates on losing weight of a person. They give motivation to get inspired and thus you can continue your exercise to lose several mass. They also give tips on food habits which you want to follow for losing weight.

Have you used any of the above sites? If so, please share with us, your experience right there. Or, if you think any of such social network useful which you know but others do not know, then you can very well share below. You will be considered as an awesome person here.