Once when a person start to learn about computers, he or she may be interested in designing or programming. Most of the computer experts are developers or programmers. When we see some people finding security breaches on a computer resource, we automatically rate them as a computer expert. Programmers can be called as creators of future technology. They are the most important people required for uplifting this techno world. When developers or programmers form a group, they can put all their ideas together and create something new. My master once told me that even the Microsoft who developed the C# .NET and other languages do not know that they can create awesome applications. People around the world who are much brainy can play with mathematics or logic to solve a problem. They only need is the idea to develop. There are some of the best active forums for developers and programmers.

First of all, let me make people clear that developers can be the different from programmers. A person who creates a web application may be a developer and a person who creates a Windows, Apple or Linux applications can be called as developers. Though all languages they call it as programs, we do normally say one thing. We call web developers and not web programmer; We call C programmer and not C# developer. I have listed below some of the best and active forums for programmers and developers. They are rated on the basis of most actively working forum and which has high number of members.

Best Active Forums for Programmers and Developers

When I search for a code, I could see a lot of results on search engine results page but at most of the times, I could see some common websites that helps me always help me with different queries. Now, let us come to the point. Below are 10 best active forums for programmers and developers. Most of the forums provide a place to discuss about almost all computer languages but few are specialized in certain areas.

#1 CodeProject:

CodeProject has more than 9 million members and acts as one of the most active discussion board. It is a place for almost all of the languages but still, they comprise of some special experts of C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET and C++. They also give support for jQuery, MySQL, PHP, XML, MVC, Java, Javascript and more. As encouraging the programmers/developers, they have put up a widget on the site's sidebar which shows the top 5 experts. By scoring each member with their involvement in the site, they listed up such things. This can motivate experts to help other beginner or learners. Join CodeProject by logging on to codeproject.com.

#2 Stack Overflow:

When I landed on their site for the first time, I was wondering about the name and the logo they have. That was pretty good actually. Most of the beginners and experts had created threads on Stack Overflow which was really helpful and most of the answers were solved and members are also allowed to rate vote for best answers. This really helps other members and guests a lot more. They act as a best active forum for PHP, MySQL, Objective C, C#, Javascript, jQuery, XML, HTML5, VB.NET and lot more. Just slip into stackoverflow.com for becoming an expert in almost all areas of computer language.

#3 XDA Developers

XDA Developers mainly concentrate on mobile application development. Experts of Android and Windows Phone exists here and you can join them to discuss with them. Now, experts also exists for Ubuntu and Firefox Mobile Operating System. XDA Developers Forum is much popular than any other. They have more than 4 million members and 1 million threads helping other developers. Thread is increasing at higher rate each day. number of experts at XDA Developers are still increasing. As far now, mobile developing has become like a fashion for every gadget freak, they involve more on this forum. For mobile freaks, developers and much normal people, forum.xda-developers.com helps more. Even, Normal mobile users head here for rooting their mobile. They just create threads or browse for existing threads.

#4 Bytes

The most popular forum existing since years is Bytes but earlier it was called as TheScripts. Now, it's bytes. As their name, they are cool. Besides the language they give support, they also have a special topic for Algorithms. Software developers can discuss about various algorithms to implement based on their needs. Experts for C, C++, C#, Python, PHP, Visual Basic, MySQL, Oracle, VB.NET, Javascript, DHTML, Java, HTML, CSS and lots more. They exist since 2005 and hence they comprise loads of members and most of them actively participate on it. A simple way to reach there is by bytes.com.

#5 CodeGuru

Following CodeGuru is the best way to learn programming by discussing with the experts. Their main goal is to teach programming to the people who approach them. They also have a forum for public users who wants to discuss about programming and developing. They cover almost all areas of programming. C++, Visual C++, C#/.NET, Visual Basic and more. Their forum consists bunch of Microsoft Developers who may help you in developing Microsoft Windows applications. you can join their forums by heading to forums.codeguru.com.

#6 Codecall

Another best active forums for programmers is Codecall. They help on both Software development and also Web development. Experts of Java, Python, C, C++, C#, Assembly and lot more software developers are present here. Web developers like PHP, ASP.NET,Perl, Ruby, MySQL and more experts actively help other programmers. Head to forum.codecall.net have infinite support.

#7 Designers Talk

As the name tells, Designers Talk can be the best place for designing web pages. They contain more than 840 thousand members where there are members active almost every times. They also help in programming and they do have a special forum topic on programming. Flash designs, graphics, illustrations, Content Management Systems (CMS) and lot more are discussed here. Help desk for CSS, XHTML and more are active here in this forum. If you are more interested in graphics, design and similar stuffs, you may head to designerstalk.com.

#8 Hot Scripts

Hot Scripts gives support for HTML, XHTML, XML, HTML5, Javascript, CSS and more web languages. They also give support for ASP.NET programming, Python, C, C++ and more. They can help you with more than 57,000 threads. Just head to hotscripts.com/forums.

#9 Programming Forums

Another best forum that is actively helping programmers is Programming Forums. They also concentrate on topics like algorithms. Other forums too provide help for this but they have special topic created for people to discuss about various algorithms that they are asked to solve the problem. Software development languages such as C, C++, C#, VB.NET, Java, Assembly and more topic are available here to discuss. Other experts for Perl, Ruby, XML, HTML, ASP.NET, PHP and more are available in this forum to help people. programmingforums.org will take you directly to the forum.

#10 Programmers Heaven

More than 374 thousand posts can help people with C, C++, C#, Java, pascal, PHP, Perl, Ruby, VB.NET and lot more languages. Programmers Heaven also provide Job opportunities. You can discuss with those experts by heading to programmersheaven.com/mb/.

Now, what are you planning for? if you know any other forums that had been helped great for you, you may share with us. Please share your thoughts in comments.